Adrienne "Missy" Burnett


Adrienne has more than 13 years of experience working with dogs on sport techniques and behavioral issues, and she focuses on training the fundamentals so dog owners can experience a happy and successful home life.

In addition to training on basic obedience, manners, Therapy Dog Certification, scenting, and trailing, Adrienne competes with her own dogs in arena and large field herding, Barn Hunt, and NASDA. She memorably achieved AKC, AHBA, and ASCA titles in herding before her dog was 4 years old, becoming a Triple Champion.

Outside of teaching and competing, Adrienne has worked with assisted living facilities to help residents keep their pets, and has worked for more than 10 years as a Therapy Companion with dementia patients.

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Herding Trial Accomplishments for 1 Weekend


Herding Competition

Pup in Training

Herding Competition

Barn Hunt Competition

Learning to communicate with your dog in their language is the beginning of a more successful, enjoyable, and magical relationship and team-building experience.


  • Companion Manners
  • Reactive Dog
  • Therapy Dog
  • Barn Hunt

Memorable Accomplishments

  • Triple Champion in Herding
  • Therapy Companion for Dementia
  • Successful Barn Hunt and NASDA Competitor