Brenna Peterson


Brenna has had a strong interest in all animals from a young age. She started working with dogs at an animal shelter, and the first dog she adopted—Ozai, a Chihuahua/Rat Terrier—had various behavior challenges which piqued her interest in dog behavior.

After spending countless hours working with Ozai and studying learning theory and training methods, he went on to earn titles in Obedience, Agility, Tricks, and Rally, and made it to AKC Rally Nationals in 2021.

Brenna also has two Border Collies, Zuko and Korra. Zuko is a rescue dog that came with new challenges. He has been in training to overcome his fearfulness and reactivity, and now confidently participates in dog sports like Agility, Rally, and Barn Hunt. Korra is a happy, young dog who gives Zuko confidence and is also learning to play various sports. Brenna loves seeing the progress that can be made with more challenging dogs when given extra time and effort.

Brenna has worked at a pet store caring for various species of small animals, as a professional dog walker, and at a dog boarding facility. She started training dogs professionally in 2018 and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in 2023.

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AKC Rally National Championship or AKC National Obedience Championship Dog Show action or awards photo

I work to make training as fun and successful as possible for human and dog alike by breaking training into small steps that build a strong foundation and foster joy.


  • Companion Manners
  • Reactive Dog
  • Barn Hunt
  • Rally
  • Sports for Fun

Memorable Accomplishments

  • Invited to AKC Rally-Obedience Nationals 3 Times
  • 30 Titles on Rescue Chihuahua Who Started Competing at 11 Years Old
  • 50+ Titles on Formerly Fearful and Reactive Border Collie
  • Helping Rescue Dog Overcome Fear