Hana Spitz

Instructor + Co-Owner

Hana has always had a natural ability to communicate with dogs. She took her first agility class with the family Sheltie in 2003 and immediately knew it was only the beginning. 

After getting her first dog in 2009, Hana started in conformation and rally, and within a few years became a professional handler in conformation. In 2012, she started formal obedience with her Aussie, Kingston, who quickly rose through the levels, achieving many High in Trials throughout his career, and competing in rally finals at a national level for 4 consecutive years. 

Hana’s Aussie, Phoenix, came into the picture in 2013 and has had a very successful career in both obedience and agility. Her first obedience trial at 2 years old placed her 2nd in worldwide Merit standings, capturing a spot to the ASCA National Finals in 2016 where she then won 1st Place. After winning her spot for the Open level at the 2018 ASCA National Finals, she brought home 3rd Place and continued to compete at both local and national events, winning more High in Trials for both rally and obedience than Hana can remember. Phoenix also reintroduced Hana to agility in 2017, and stood on many agility podiums at the national level for consecutive years.

With more than a decade of dog training and communication experience, Hana very quickly picked up international-style agility. She got her first Border Collie, Seriee, in 2020, and they have come together nicely as a team, with Seriee making it to the Gambler Finals podium in the 2022 US Open at just 2 years old.

Hana is excited to train and compete with her newest addition, Peregrine (Peri), a Phoenix granddaughter who was born August 2023. Peri, the tailed Aussie, has big shoes to fill! 

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Australian Shepherd puppy, Peri, on the beach in Hansville, WA at 7 weeks old

I’m dedicated to sharing my knowledge to help others achieve their long-term goals with their dogs and building strong, happy, confident, and competitive teams.


  • Agility
  • Obedience
  • Conformation

Memorable Accomplishments

  • 2016 ASCA National Novice Obedience Champion
  • 2016 ASCA National Novice Obedience Finalist
  • 2016 Worldwide Merit Standings, 2nd Place
  • 2018 ASCA National Open Obedience Finals, 3rd Place
  • 2023 Rainbow Ribbon Festival Biathlon Champion