Kelsey Hawn


Kelsey has been working with dogs since 2005, and has spent 15 years working as a Licensed Veterinary Technician.

In addition to being a passionate Barn Hunt competitor and instructor, Kelsey has been the rat caregiver at Run Wild since 2018 and became a licensed Barn Hunt Association judge in 2020. She is also pursuing her judging license for the North American Sport Dog Association (NASDA).

Kelsey enjoys spending most of her free time participating in Barn Hunt or NASDA trials with her dog, Monroe.

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I aim to shape teams into the best they can be by helping to develop and foster clear communication and trust. I believe all dogs are capable of great things if we find the appropriate reward for the task we are asking of them. Not every training technique is going to work for every team and I enjoy troubleshooting to find what will work best for the individual team that is in front of me!


  • Barn Hunt

Memorable Accomplishments

  • Multiple Barn Hunt Titles:
    • RATCHx15
    • REMX8
    • CZ8P7S (15K points)
  • Multiple Barn Hunt Nationals Placements