Micki Lagrou

Instructor + Events Manager

If you’ve been to an agility trial in the last 20 years, you’ve likely seen Micki running around or helping out. She has been a Rainier Agility Team member since 2007, and has served on their board multiple times.

Micki’s dog training experience started with a nervous bundle of cattle dog energy, Wendell, and initially focused on home obedience before moving into competing in obedience, rally, and agility. She has had a variety of dogs: Wally was a sensitive aussie mix; Ginger is a terrier mix; Leelu is a border collie; and the latest addition, Pliny, is also a border collie. Leelu has really taken to international-style agility and is the pup responsibile for Micki catching the agility coaching and competition bug again. 

Micki has also been a coach and athlete in several other capacities. She was a collegiate athlete in track and cross country, she coached girls soccer for 10 years, and, more recently, she was an L2 trainer at the CrossFit gym that she owned in Bremerton. In her work life, she was a scientist in the biotech industry and retired in 2015.

Micki has been teaching agility at Run Wild since 2021.

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My favorite thing is meeting new teams and helping them realize their strengths and building on them. It’s easy for us to find faults and focus on trying to fix them all, but there is even greater power in building on the positives.


  • Agility

Memorable Accomplishments

  • 2008 NADAC Championships 2nd Place 
  • 2010 UKC Obedience UCDX Title
  • 2021 PNW Regional Steeplechase 3rd Place
  • 2021 USDAA Team Finalist
  • 2021 UKI West Coast Open Speedstakes 2nd Place