As a private training and event center, Run Wild offers several membership options that provide special benefits and access to our facilities beyond training classes, seminars, workshops, and events.

Lodging is only available for Run Wild members who have a lodging membership or one of our yearly memberships. You must purchase a membership before you can book lodging or reserve RV or camping spots.

Be sure to read the Run Wild Membership Agreement for Rentals before purchasing.

Which Membership Is Right for You?

We offer five membership plans. Only our yearly memberships offer access to book lodging in Phoenix Palace (formerly Brutus Hall) and Punch’s Hideout (formerly The Lodge), or to reserve RV or camping spots.

If you want to book lodging at Run Wild but you can’t take advantage of the great perks from the yearly membership, you can purchase the Run Wild LODGING membership for $50 per year instead.

*Access to off-leash dog areas is limited to 8AM-9PM for Run Wild members, current students, and event participants during their event.

Membership FAQs

Who needs a membership?

As of January 2024, you will need a membership to rent an arena for practice or book lodging to stay overnight on the property in an RV, tent camping, Phoenix Palace dormitory (formerly Brutus Hall), or Punch's Hideout (formerly the Judge's Lodge). Both students and non-students can purchase a membership.

Do I need a membership if I'm attending a trial, class, workshop, seminar, or camp?

No. Membership is only required if you wish to use Run Wild lodging or rent arena space separately from the event or class you're attending.

I'm participating in a club event at Run Wild as a judge, show committee, or competitor. Do I need a membership to book lodging on the property?

Judges and show committees do not have to purchase a membership for lodging as part of the club's event contract with Run Wild. Competitors, however, are not included in this exemption and must purchase a membership to book lodging.

I only come to Run Wild for an event once a year for 1–2 days and stay in my RV. Can I get a special deal on the lodging membership?

Our RV spots are priced lower than other RV options in our area and we feel our prices (including membership even for one weekend) are still comparable so we won’t be doing any other deals at this time.