Whether you want to be competitive in dog sports, work with your companion dog on essential manners and behavior skills, or just have more fun with your dog, we offer a variety of classes, workshops, and seminars—as well as online classes—to serve a range of skill levels, schedules, and goals.

Check out our New Student Orientation to learn more about our training philosophy, our instructors, and the Run Wild property.

Sport Classes

Agility, Barn Hunt, Nose Work, and more! Learn about the different sports that you can do with your dog and the levels of training offered at Run Wild.

Companion Classes

Prepare for your best pup-life with training that develops manners, addresses behavioral issues, and builds a bond grounded in positivity and play.

Private Classes

Most of our instructors offer private 1:1 training for you and your dog. See who’s available and specializes in the sport or issues you’d like to tackle.