Rent Arena for Practice

When our arenas are not being used for classes or events, we make them available for Run Wild members to practice agility and barn hunt.

Please carefully review this page before you book an arena.

How to Book an Arena for Practice

Once you have purchased a membership, you’ll need to log in to your BusyPaws client portal in order to fully activate your membership.

You’ll then be able to use the Book Now button in the top-right of your portal dashboard to reserve an arena, or you can return to this page and use the Book an Agility Arena link.

You will not be able to see the option to book an arena if you don’t have an active membership.


In addition to the cost of your Run Wild membership, you must pay a per-booking rental fee or purchase a package for a specific arena ring.

Arena Ring
30 Minutes
60 Minutes
Ring 1 or Ring 2
Run Wild Arena
$35 per booking
$175 per package
$45 per booking
$225 per package
Skills Ring
Run Wild Arena
$20 per booking
$100 per package
$25 per booking
$125 per package
Agility Ring
Zanee Arena
$25 per booking
$125 per package
$35 per booking
$175 per package

Package Discount: All packages include six bookings for the price of five.

*The Grass Competition Field will be available to book seasonally (June–August) for the same rental fees as Ring 1 and Ring 2 in the Run Wild Arena. You’ll be able to use your Ring 1 or Ring 2 Package to book the field.

Weekly Course Maps

We publish weekly course maps for the agility rings, and you can sign up for the weekly course maps email list. The course maps are also printed and posted in each arena for both instructors and practice rentals.

For access to the course map library, you’ll need to sign up for an account on the platform that we use for online classes.

Arena Rentals FAQs

How do I sign up to rent an arena for practice time?

STEP 1: Before you can reserve an arena for practice, you must first purchase a membership.

STEP 2: To book an agility arena, you'll need to log in to your BusyPaws account and click the Book Now button in the top-right of your dashboard.

Do I need to be currently enrolled in a class at Run Wild to rent an arena for practice?

No, anyone can purchase a Run Wild membership and rent arena space for practice.

Can I share an arena rental with a friend?

Yes, you are allowed to share arena time with a friend but they must also be a Run Wild member. You are asked to list everyone who will be using the arena when you book a time.

Are there packages available to rent an arena for practice?

You can purchase a package for arena rentals, or you may also pay for individual bookings as you go.

You must have an active membership to see and purchase a package.

If you want to be able to reserve arena space more than 7 days in advance, you'll need a yearly membership. Packages include six rental bookings (for the price of five) for a specific arena space and amount of time—for example Zanee Arena - 60 Minutes.

How do I cancel an arena booking?

If you need to cancel a rental (or a class, seminar, etc.), please email [email protected].

What is the 7-day booking in advance limit?

Monthly and weekly memberships limit your bookings to 7 days in advance. Yearly memberships do not have this limit.